NEW YORK - A chain-reaction crash in New York City Saturday night - involving a driver from the Pakistani Mission to the United Nations - left an 80-year-old man dead, authorities said. The smash-up began when a black Mazda jumped a red light at an intersection on upper Eastside of Manhattan and collided with the minivan for the Pakistani Mission, which heading towards the Park Avenue, media reports citing witnesses said. The Mazda spun out and struck a couple on the corner, which was waiting to hail a taxi. “The lady flew and hit the back of another van. I’ve never seen anyone fly like that before,” one witness was quoted as saying. But she got up and called for help. The victim - identified as Rubin Baum - was pinned underneath the Mazda and rushed to New York Hospital, a New York Fire Department official said. He later died, according to media reports. After preliminary inquiries, the Pakistan Mission driver, Said Khan, who only moved on green light, was allowed to go.