The PPP setup’s rule has been characterised by a series of unending blows to the economy, palpable most painfully through the ruthlessness with which the oil prices have been going up. In the face of an already volatile situation, Ogra in a summary to the Petroleum Ministry has proposed an increase in petrol prices by Rs 1.75 per litre as well as that of CNG for the next week, as part of the weekly reviews. And to make it appear less severe, the price of diesel and kerosene oil has been dropped but by a margin so small that it will hardly make for any respite.The Petroleum Ministry or the Ogra for that matter are treading in the wrong direction, one that has already snatched bread out of the average man’s mouth. A parliamentarian from the ANP was seen making noises to the effect that the government divert funds to pay subsidy but in vain. Instead, excuses of helplessness by the ministry as well as Ogra have been put forward. What is not in doubt is that these frequent fluctuations are being executed at the behest of the federal government and so are the policy lapses by the financial wizards that collectively are seen to be running the show. The inflationary pressure that has the poorer segments of the population in its stifling grip should be controlled. The implications of these steps will strike back. For the PPP it will have political fallout; to its electoral ambitions, it constitutes a major hindrance.