LAHORE - Owners of auto workshops, commercial plazas and shops in Samanabad Town have been directed to clear their rooftops from useless and wasted material within two days otherwise stern action would be taken against them according to Dengue Control Regulation.

It was decided in a meeting headed by Member National Assembly and Chairman Emergency Response Committee for Dengue Mian Marghoob Ahmad in town office, here on Sunday. Member Provincial Assembly Mehr Ishtiaq Ahmad and officers of the concerned departments were also present on this occasion.

Mian Marghoob said things of no use stored at rooftops were the ideal places for larva which should be eliminated. He said that government was utilising all its resources and adopting scientific methods to create awareness among masses about dengue and now it is duty of the citizens to act according to the information provided by the government regarding anti-dengue preventive measures.

Earlier, while addressing a public awareness seminar about dengue at a private school of Samanabad, Marghoob said desired results about the eradication of dengue could not be achieved without participation of women who were more than half of the total population. 

He said if every woman once decides that she will keep her house neat and clean and get rid of  useless things lying in the houses and on rooftops, she will not only save herself  from dengue virus but also protect the whole family. Marghoob appealed to the participants of the seminar to adopt preventive measures regarding dengue and guide others as well in this regard.

Moreover, Marghoob along with town officers visited the union councils of the town and personally monitored the dengue larvae surveillance activities.