SADIQABAD - The leaders of the Awami Ittehad, PTI and Rahim Yar Khan Chamber of Commerce and Industry condemned the anti-Islam film "Innocence of Muslims" made in the US and demanded that the United Nations should declare blasphemy a crime. On the call of all the political, business and religious parties, a complete shutdown strike was observed for the second consecutive day in Sadiqabad. A number protest rallies were held against the blasphemous film. A big rally led by Awami Ittehad chief Mir Fazl Elahi was taken out from Al-Abid. Addressing the rally's participants, Mr Fazl urged the US to hand over the filmmakers to Pakistan. He also said that Islam inculcates patience and forbearance. Thus, the people should continue peaceful protests against the shameful act. He said that the government should raise a voice at the international level against the blasphemous act. In the tehsil, traffic remained disappeared from the roads and all the business activities came to a halt. The rally consisted of a number of vehicles, bikes, cycles and tractor-trolleys. Separately, Chaudhry Shaukat Dawood, the PTI leader, while addressing another protest rally, said that the filmmakers must be put to death. He demanded that the fundamentalists should be handed over to Pakistan. He said that the Ummah has got united against the US, pledging every sacrifice for the honour of the Last and Final Massenger (PBUH).  The rally taken out by the PTI Sadiqabad chapter started from Railway Road and passing through various roads culminated at the Press Club. On the occasion, the PTI leader said that the Ummah should get united.  He said that all the Islamic countries should end diplomatic relations with the US, the United Kingdom and Israel as a protest against the blasphemous film, besides boycotting all the products made in the countries. "We will sacrifice our lives but will never bear any act aimed at insulting our Prophet (SAW)," he pledged. Likewise, the concluding session of the RYKCCI's executive body was held under the chair of President Muzaffar Salim. At the meeting, the executive body passed a unanimous resolution against the anti-Islam film which has triggered protest across the world and taken hundreds of lives in violent demonstrations. The resolution condemned the filmmakers and demand that the United Nations should pass a law by declaring blasphemy a crime. It termed the film an act of terrorism which has hurt the whole Muslim Ummah.