ISLAMABAD - Pakistan’s Friday holiday to protest blasphemous film of an American pastor has been greatly helpful in improving Pakistan-US bilateral relations if it had no direct bearing on Terry Jones. According to well-placed US and Pakistani diplomats, the country-wide protests may not have immediate impact on the fate of the American pastor, but it helped bring closer the erstwhile strategic allies - United States and Pakistan - to rebuild their bilateral relations.  The Pakistani government has demanded an international law to prevent sacrilege of religious personalities, and President Asif Ali Zardari is set to make this demand during his address to the UN General Assembly. Sources were of the view that Obama administration, which has condemned blasphemous film at the government level, has not only appreciated the steps taken by the government of Pakistan to protect US facilities and personnel but more forthcoming in addressing Pakistan’s concerns in ongoing high level interactions between Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar and the US officials in Washington. They regarded the overwhelming defeat of Republican Sen Rand Paul’s bill by the US Senate seeking to deny the American aid to Pakistan till the release of the imprisoned Pakistani doctor who helped the CIA trace Osama bin Laden as a positive development.This, they opined, would mean release of American civilian aid to Pakistan under the Enhancement of Pakistan Partnership Act of 2009 (Kerry-Lugar-Berman Bill) until the new US government assumes the office as result of Presidential election in November. Similarly, the US government is also seemed as forthcoming to continue USAID Pakistan has been seeking as US investment in the energy and communications sectors. Both Washington and Islamabad seem buoyant to build bilateral relations and deepen cooperation in areas of mutual interests including Afghanistan and counter-terrorism. Leaders of the two sides have agreed on resumption of five working groups including defence and security as well as gearing up efforts to promote reconciliation in Afghanistan under Afghan-led Afghan-owned process through trilateral forum of Pakistan, US and Afghanistan.Pakistan’s bilateral relations with the United States have been at the lowest ebb for major US breaches to Pakistan’s national sovereignty and security related to Raymond Davis episode, Abbottabad raid and NATO’s attacks on Salala security post which killed more than two dozens Pakistani military officers and soldiers. Bilateral relations between Pakistan and the US further nosedive when Islamabad suspended NATO/ ISAF ground supplies to Afghanistan as mark of national protest to attacks on Salala security post.