LAHORE - The businessmen have condemned the damage of private as well as public properties by the rioting mobs during recent protests, rendering the business almost non-functional, which was a very unfortunate. They also appreciated the security officials to fight with the ransackers even at the cost of their own lives, urging the government to announce substantial amount of compensation and other reward.

Presiding over a meeting of the boards of the major markets of the provincial capital at APAT office here, All Pakistan Anjuman-e-Tajiran general secretary Naeem Mir said that the protesters should have expressed their anger in a peaceful and disciplined manner. By ransacking the businesses and properties, they have sent a very negative message to the international community that their approach is totally against the principles of Islam, he added.

The private sector was the backbone of economy, but the frenzy mob ransacked various buildings in the country, causing loss of millions of rupees to the owners and rendering the business almost non-functional, which was a very unfortunate, he added.

Addressing the meeting APAT Lahore chapter president Shahid Bilal said that even the industries fall victim to the rage of protesters as the frenzy mob ransacked several buildings, causing loss of millions of rupees to the owners. He deplored the fact that there were no law enforcement personnel to control the situation due to which businessmen suffered immense loss.

Shahid Iqbal Dar, the traders’ body city general secretary, called upon the government to take urgent measures to compensate them and thus create a sense of confidence in the private sector.

It was evident that the whole country was left in the hands of wage bonds. He stressed that measures must be taken on war footing to provide a sense of security to private sector as in the current circumstances, entrepreneurs were in desperate need of protection to promote the economy.