HAFIZABAD - All parties Hurmat-i-Rasool Seminar was held here under the auspices of Muttahida Ahle Hadith in which religious scholars from different school of thoughts decided to shun their petty sectarian differences and forge greater unity for the glorification of Islam and to protect the honour and dignity of holy Prophets and their companions.They pledged that Ashiqan-i-Rasool was prepared to render supreme sacrifices to protect the dignity of holy Prophets. The participants decided to hold joint rallies in future to protest against the sacrilegious film and caricatures in future. The speakers included Peer Syed Waseemul Hassan Naqvi of JUP, Allama Safdar Ahmad Adeel of Muttahida Ahle Hadith, Maulana Ata Ullah Muhammadi, Maulana Ahmad Saeed Awan of JUI, Syed Ali Zulqarnain of Almi Tanzeem Ahle Sunnat, Sahibzada Mudassar Wattoo, Syed Hussain Ali Shah of Hussaini Alliance, Dr Habib Ullah Shaheen of Jamaat-e-Islami, Zahid Farooq of Jamaatud Dawa, PM Safdar Kharl and Rai Usman of DBA etc.