The snippets appearing on the lower half of your ‘showbiz page’ interest me so much that I clip the strange, interesting and exciting ones and collate them. The picture of a Chinese boy who goes to school walking upside down on his hands which appeared the other day was, however, highly depressing rather than being exciting. The ten years old boy who was partially paralysed by a childhood illness has been walking to and from school on his hands every day for the last four years. His journey takes him an hour and a half each way. Bearing all the torture he does not want to leave the school. Walking on his hands with his legs dangling on the sides is a scene for the passers-by.Belonging to a poor family his father is also disabled leaving his mother as the sole breadwinner. One wonders are n’t there any human welfare organizations in China to help such people?  What this boy needs is simply a hand- operated wheel chair.RAFI NASIM, Lahore, September-22.