PESHAWAR  - The federal government has completed six water schemes and two bridges in Mohmand Agency to provide clean drinking water and better communication facilities to tribal people to bring them at par with developed parts of the country. The schemes were completed in Tehsils Pindiali, Safi and Khewezai in Mohmand Agency that has benefited thousands of tribesmen.

Official sources told APP on Sunday that in Dhand Killi of Pindiali Tehsil, 91 meters deep tube well was excavated, two storage tanks, two water points and a pump house was constructed for provision of clean drinking water to tribal people.

Similarly, 847 meters of distribution pipeline were laid and a submersible machine was installed to provide drinking water to locals of Dhand Killi.

A drinking water scheme has completed in Mamo Kor village of Pindiali Tehsil by excavating 106 meter deep tube well and constructing a storage tank and a pump house.

Seventy three meters of distribution pipeline was laid.

Likewise, in Gul ghani Koroona village of Safi Tehsil 46 meters deep tube well was excavated, pump house and three water storage tanks were constructed.

These schemes were identified by local communities and the political administration has constructed it fulfilling their demands.