The federal cabinet has approved a proposal to allow the Rangers to shoot the terrorists on sight in Karachi after giving a warning. The existing rules allowed them to fire only, when they were fired upon by the militants. The revised instructions are still a vague permission to the rangers as it would be very difficult to determine if anyone is a terrorist or just a hooligan and secondly where to shoot i.e shoot to scare or shoot to kill or shoot to incapacitate? When army is called in "Aid of civil Power" to control a mob or hooligan, they always shoot to kill. This is always a written permission signed by the local magistrate who represents the civil government.

Army does not go for aerial firing or fire to incapacitate but shoot to kill; now the instructions to the Rangers by the civil government should be very specific and clear, lest we have cases like Sarfraz Shah who was killed in cold blood, while begging for mercy. As far as instruction of first giving warning and then shooting are concerned they appear to be ridiculous. The terrorist will not give anyone enough time for warning they would either shoot or run, we should not expect them to wait for a bullet from the Rangers! The terrorists do not operate in an organized manner; they have to be found on tips provided by the intelligence sources and killed. I feel the instructions to the Rangers need to be more specific than what has been issued. The common man must also be informed so that there are no more innocent people killed.


Lahore, September 21.