The Christian community, dwelling various parts of AJK, staged protests on Monday against the Sunday’s twin blasts in a Church in Peshawar that claimed the lives of over 80 innocent worshipers.

In Mirpur, a large number of protesters mostly belonging to the Christian community as well as elders from diverse segments of civil society thronged the city streets and staged protests against the Peshawar carnage.

The protesters blocked traffic on Allama Iqbal Road, Mian Muhammad Road and Shaheed chowk to vent their indignation against the killings of worshipers in the church in Peshawar.

Addressing the mob, speakers including local Christian community Leaders including Arik Maqbool, Paster Immanat Maseeh, Iqbal Maseeh as well as other local leaders - Syed Mahmood Bukhari of Tanzeemul Saadaat Organization and Reaz Alam Ch, the lifetime chairman of Tahafaz-e-Namoos Rissalat, Muhammad Rafiq Mughal and others regretted over the death of more than 80 innocent Christians.