The Punjab University hostels are not secure any longer for student; continuous theft of cell phones, laptops and other stuff is becoming common. The students are stressed and feel insecure in the hostel premises. There does not seem to be any security as anyone can enter the premises at any time. Each hostel has two or three unarmed and untrained guards, who are genuinely, concerned more about their personal security than keeping an eye on who is coming and going.

The university authorities have claimed to be vigilant but there seems to be not much that they have done. The finding of an Al-Qaida agent, hiding in the university hostel has made matters worse. The university authority seems helpless in controlling these burglars; how will they be able to curtail such criminals from entering the hostel? On the other hand, the students, seeing no fruitful result, also feel tired of protests and rallies though there are simple steps that can control the situation such as installation of CCTV cameras and deploying more active guards at the hostel gates will be fruitful.

This can provide peace of mind to the students who should be concentrating on their studies rather than such mundane issues. The Punjab University management should seriously look into the matter and resolve it.


Lahore, September 21.