Amid the targeted operation in Karachi, PPP led Sindh government claims its seriousness to eradicate violence from the economic hub of the country. Situation in interior Sindh is not different from Karachi, continuous kidnapping for ransom, street crimes and extortion has made life miserable for the common man and undue politicization of the Sindh police department has made peace an uphill task.

Politicians provide shelter to the criminals; therefore, police officers don’t dare to touch them. Postings are carried on political basis, giving these corrupt officers more leverage. How can any country have law and order when its state appointed legislatures and police is corrupt? Until and unless the government decides to depoliticize the police department there can be no peace in the region. For a long term peace they need strict reshuffle or rehiring from top to the lowest rank in the Police department!


Nawabshah, September 21.