Yorkshire, UK


The owners of a Yorkshire terrier measuring just five inches tall and seven inches long believe she may be the smallest in the country.

Three-year-old Pagan is so small that she nearly died once when the whippet she lives with yawned and caught the terrier’s head in her mouth.

Owner Brenda Wheeldon, 72, from Hull, says her pet is too small to use a lead on, so she pushes the dog around in a tiny doll’s pram.

Mrs Wheeldon said that when she first got Pagan, the dog was so tiny she took her to the vet because she feared she wasn’t growing properly.

But she says the vet told her the dog, who eats well but weighs less than three pounds, was perfectly healthy, just small.

She said the only health problems the dog has suffered cane when the whippet she lives with yawned and got the dog’s tiny head stuck in its mouth.

Mrs Wheeldon said: ‘The vet was really worried and she was almost put down twice but made a miraculous recovery.

‘It’s amazing that she’s still with us and, although we have to be careful with her head, she’s back to normal.

Pagan, who is smaller than a chihuahua,  has a wardrobe full of tiny, hand-made dog clothes to keep her warm, and has become quite a canine celebrity due to her diminutive size.  Mrs Wheeldon’s daughter Paula Windstanley, 47, said: ‘You can’t take her to a market on a lead because she’d get squashed. She’s too small.

‘Everyone always wants to take photographs of her and she loves it.’

Mrs Wheeldon said Pagan was particularly popular with men, rather than women, and said she has been offered up to £1,000 for the dog.

But she’s not selling.