ISLAMABAD : Food group exports from the country during first two months of current financial year swelled by 10.17pc and reached at $682.712m as compared to the same period of last year. During July-August, 2013, different food commodities worth $682.712m were exported which were recorded at $619.96m in same period of last year. During the period under review, rice exports increased by 27.76pc and reached at 575,368 metric tons worth $286.605m against the last year’s exports of 345,965 metric tons valuing $244.324 million.

However, the data reveled that the exports of Basmati rice recorded negative growth of 21 percent in first two months of current financial year.

The country was able to export only 104,676 metric tons of Basmati rice worth $95 million as compared to 130,191 metric tons costing $121.084 million in corresponding period of last year.

Meanwhile, the data revealed that exports of rice other than Basmati registered tremendous increase of 85.03 percent and was recorded at 370,693 metric tons of $191.02 million as compared to the exports of 215,774 metric tons valuing $103.240 million during the first two months of last year.

From July-August, fish and fish preparations exports grew by 35.57 percent and country earned $43.311 million by exporting about 19,310 metric tons of fish and fish preparations which was recorded at 13,789 metric tons worth $31.94 million in same period of last year.

The meat and meat preparations exports from the country also surged by 17.84 percent and reached at 15,711 metric tons as against the 11,729 metric tons of last year.

In first two months country earned $48.65 million by exporting meat and meat preparations which were recorded at $41.29 million during same period of last year, the data reveled.