Two reckless teenagers have been pictured dicing with death as they tried their hand at the dangerous urban sport of free-running over.

A friend videoed the pair’s stunt as they dashed across the arches of the Foryd Bridge in Rhyl, in Wales, 30ft above a fast flowing, frigid River Clwyd.

Cars thundered beneath the two teens as stunned passers-by watched on in horror.

A single slip or a gust of wind would have sent them hurtling towards the busy carriageway 30ft beneath or 50ft into the water.

They were spotted at about 3.15pm on Sunday making three passes over the arches.

Photographer Geoff Abbott, who spotted the youths, told the Daily Post newspaper: ‘If they had fallen, it would have been over for them. If they’d landed on the road, they would have been killed. It’s totally irresponsible.

‘The younger of the two was a very young lad and, as a parent, I was very worried about him in particular.

Mr Abbott then watched as they group checked the mobile phone footage of the stunt, then decided to run across the 20meter arch for a third time.

The incident has provoked calls to tighten security on the steel crossing which is known locally as the blue bridge.

The area’s councillor has called for security features at the bridge to be examined in light of the incident, which she described as ‘frightening’.