This is in reference Khushboo Ahmed's letter, published in your news paper, regarding examination and interviews conducted by the National Counter Terrorism Authority (NCTA) recently. The fact which needs to be noted is that the whole process of recruitment in the National Counter Terrorism Authority is illegal ab initio for the following reasons.

According to the National Counter Terrorism Act 2013, there will be a Board of Governors, Executive Committee, Chairman of the Board, National Coordinator and Deputy National Coordinator to run the affairs of the Authority (Section 2). These officials have not been appointed as required by Section 3 of the Act. Only a professional of known integrity and competence in BS 22, either from bureaucracy or Police Service can be appointed as National Coordinator of the Authority. No such official has been appointed as yet. Therefore NACTA, as it stands today, has no legal basis.

No ‘Rules and Regulations’ have been framed and approved by the Establishment Division for recruitment of staff by the Authority. Prime Minister, as Chairman of NACTA Board of Governors may take notice of the farce of examination and scratch the same. They are playing with national security.


Islamabad, September 21.