LAHORE - Government of Punjab has come up with the timeframe for holding Local Government elections with the gap of about four years which is equal to the tenure of the Local Bodies under the law framed in 2001, which now stand annulled.

The Punjab government through the Advocate General informed the Supreme Court on Monday that the provincial government will hold the election by December 14 next.

This timeframe has also been separately endorsed by the government functionaries and the court has asked the AG to come up with a precise date in black and white on the next date of hearing.

This categorically implies the Supreme Court would not let the government take the election time beyond that date although previously the Provincial Ministers gave tentative dates of elections in September and November but that were never put forth before the Supreme Court which has been following the matter since 2011 after the last LG bodies were dissolved on October 17, 2009.

Last year the Supreme Court had directed the Federal and the provincial governments to hold the LG polls by the turn of the year but the order was not carried out as focus was diverted to holding of the elections and almost all political parties wanted to pay attention to the polls. At that time the PML-N had announced to hold the LG elections within six months after coming into power and incorporated this resolve in its party manifesto for election 2013.

Now looking from that angle, the PML-N Government in Punjab is proving its words as December 14 date for holding the LG elections goes slightly beyond the six months time after the present provincial cabinet had sworn in on June 10 last.

However, the PML-N government in the Centre has yet to announce election date in Balochistan where this party is in coalition with three other parties and formation of the provincial Cabinet is still awaited.

In July last, the Supreme Court had required the provinces to hold the LG elections on September 15th or about that date, as the Cantonment Boards elections were due to take place on that date.

Although in the knee jerk reaction, some Provincial Ministers expressed possibility of holding LB polls in September but later on the Punjab govt expressed inability to do so as it still needed time to legislate the LG system and to undertake fresh delimitation of the constituencies for which time was required.

The Punjab Assembly approved the LG law in mid-August and from calculation of time required for delimitation, the LG elections time was presumed in November which, as sources in the government said, was possible in case all four provinces had developed a consensus on the point whether the polls should be held on party or non party basis and had dominantly similar law on LG.

Boards elections now are also scheduled for November, and Sindh and Khyber PK have also announced to hold the LG polls on party basis in the last week of the same month. But Punjab will hold elections on non-party basis.

As such the LG elections would be held under two sets for which two different time frames have been fixed. And when three provinces have come up with precise dates for holding the elections, the Supreme Court may not let anybody else to infringe its undertaking as the court feels that four years have elapsed without giving the people platform of basic democracy at the grass-root level.