A widow, who snapped under the unending adversities of abject poverty jumped into a canal along with two of her children here on Monday.

Sources said that the woman was rescued but the children drowned.

Reportedly, the mother of four tried to take the deadly plunge along with all of her children in the muddy waters of BS Link Canal, but two of them 12-year-old Assad and eight-year-old Sadia, sensing danger broke away in time. However 10-year-old Uzma and eight-year-old Haider succumbed to their mother’s suicidal intentions.

Local residents rushed to the scene after both the traumatized children, who had watched in horror the deep turbid waters swallow their mother and siblings, raised a loud hue and cry. The woman was pulled out of the water but the two unfortunate children drowned. Haider’s body was recovered whereas search is on for Uzma’s.