ISLAMABAD - Senator Dilawar Abbas came down hard on the PSB-backed Pakistan Olympic Association (POA) and termed them responsible for ongoing damaging and defaming Pakistan by the non-elected and non-recognised group of so-called sports officials who are damaging sports not only at the international level but also destroying games in the country. 

It is surprising that in spite of that group banned by Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) - which is one major chapter of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) – which clearly advised the self-appointed secretary of factitious group who is behaving totally in a non-sportsmanship manner and damaging the name of Pakistan at the international level. The PSB is still forcing all the federations to accept them as a recognised body, which is totally unfair and uncalled for.

He said the patronage given to this group was totally unjustified and and adding fuel to the fire. “Earlier, I discussed this matter and also written a letter to the Inter-Provincial Coordination (IPC) minister that an amicable solution should be found out by using both official and personal influence for saving the country's sports from the forthcoming IOC ban.”

“I have no hesitation in mentioning here that the ministry controlling bodies should not interfere to this extent in the affairs of the sports bodies rather they should work for the promotion of sports,” he added.

It is high time that the ministry should play its positive role in the larger interest country and its sports which have already been suffering because of prevailing security the country and no international team is willing to come and play in Pakistan. This is very unfortunate for our junior and senior players as they have been depriving of their due rights to exhibit their prowess at their home grounds and to have healthy competitions against the foreign players. It is becoming obvious that the IOC ban is going to be imposed with the end result that this group will be nowhere and sports in Pakistan will be destroyed completely.

In preparation of the 3rd Islamic Solidarity Games, Pakistan Tennis Federation (PTF), on the advice of the POA in April 2013, fulfilled and completed all the requirements of Pakistan tennis team's nomination and waited for the accreditation cards which were in final stage. But suddenly, the parallel body of the POA stopped the process and debarred the tennis team in its meeting held on September 9, 2013 saying Pakistan would participate in only five disciplines of the 3rd Islamic Games as three disciplines were already dropped including tennis, taekwondo and swimming.

It is pertinent to mention here that Pakistan is the defending champion of tennis in the Islamic Games. In 2005, Pakistan tennis team bagged all the three gold medals with one bronze.  “It is the time to realise that sportsmen are the best ambassadors of any country to generate goodwill and soft positive image of the country. All sports lovers in the country want politics-free sports,” Dilawar concluded.