LAHORE - The Punjab PTI leadership has decided to hold a rally on Tuesday (today) at Liberty Roundabout to express solidarity with the victims of the Peshawar tragedy.

They will also light candles for the bereaved families. Punjab President Ejaz Ahmed Chaudhry said volunteers from all over Pakistan had gone to Peshawar to offer their services to the victims’ families. They have offered to them 400 bags of blood and food, he added.

Dr Yasmeen Rashid said doctors have been assigned extra duties at Lady Reading Hospital. In addition, doctors from surrounding areas have reached Peshawar to look after the injured. She said the nature of this tragedy has really exposed how dangerous this province has become for the reason that no government did anything during the last 10 years to solve the problem of terrorism.

Andleeb Abbas said PTI will conduct special investigation into the causes of this tragedy while major changes have been made. She said PTI Chairman Imran Khan has announced that all-out efforts will be made to help the Christian families, adding taking care of the affected families and the injured is the top priority of the KPK chief minister and his team.