We are passing through a phase of severe political crisis, economic crises and security crisis, and the standoff amongst the most important sections of the government may lead to disaster, if not handled prudently. Our nation is standing on a slippery edge of a vast, deep and dark quagmire. 75 percent of the population (almost 14 million) is living in misery and destitution, below the poverty line. They are the worst sufferers due to the turmoil. It is time that the leadership of Pakistan should join heads and try to find a solution.

I am not a cleric nor a Sufi or a saint, but an insignificant mortal. Nevertheless, I beg and beseech the entire political leadership and all Pakistanis to act together in the interests of our country and pray to Allah for forgiveness and mercy for our follies and faults.


Lahore, September 23.