We would not be wrong, if we say that the culture of conspiracy theories is very evident around us. We all love to weave conspiracy theories against all of those who don’t agree to our point of view. We are not afraid of telling a lie, and this is how conspiracies work all over the world; working on similar principles to a game of ‘Chinese whisper’. Whenever any anti-democratic force tries to step into the corridors of powers, we start shouting ‘America is behind it’, and whenever voices were aired against the government, we also claim that America is behind it.

PAT and PTI are out on the roads protesting against the government, and naysayers are still using this conspiracy theory against them. Do such hate-mongering notions have any logic or reality, or are we so used to it, as a political rhetoric, that we continue to endorse it? It’s about time to get ourselves out of this unreasonable public notion and analyse what is right and wrong. This conspiracy theory culture has terribly hindered the way to democratic growth. We need to grow up and use our brains as a nation and not believe anything and everything we are told.


Lahore, September 21.