LAHORE - Spokesman for CAA claimed on Wednesday that the renewal of the airline licence to Air Indus remained under consideration in the Aviation Division Islamabad at the highest level and after evaluation vis-a-vis regulatory requirements, the same was regretted.

He said that despite repeated reminders for CAA’s outstanding dues, the airline has been a defaulter in financial issues and opted to go to the court for a relief which they could not get.

He said that the airline’s attitude has been found irresponsible since its inception. Air Indus acquired RPT licence in 2011 but could not manage to obtain Air Operator Certificate (AOC) till July 2013. During this period the airline established a flight operation office and hired and trained their flight crew without having a single aero plane to operate. Similarly in the same year on commencement of Regular Public Transport (RPT) operations, the airline although had three aircrafts on Operations Specification whereas only one captain and one first officer was available on their pay roll which restricted them to utilise the aircraft to optimum level.

The equity of the airline has always remained negative for the entire operating period, despite, a number of warnings from CAA, said spokesman for CAA and added that the airline aircraft have been recorded for continuous airworthiness malfunctioning thus jeopardising the passenger and aircraft safety standards.

Against the partial damage of the aircrafts in terrorist attacks, Air Indus was compensated by giving repeated relaxations in wet leasing permissions of their aircrafts.

The above mentioned significant factors constrained CAA for not allowing the airline for air operation as safety of the aircraft and passenger is prime responsibility of the authority which cannot be compromised, spokesman concluded.