The visitors of an animal market here complained against the exorbitant prices of sacrificial animals while the sellers flayed the government for its failure to provide them with facilities at the Bahawalnagar market.

The buyers shared their reservations about the self-imposed and irrationally skyrocketing prices being demanded by the animal sellers. Muhammad Imran, a teacher, among the buyers was perturbed after the sellers’ demands.

He said that he visited the cattle market to purchase some animals on reasonable price, but the prices were quite irrational and beyond the reach of the middle class. In the prevailing situation, it seemed that observance of Sunnat-e-Ibrahimi would become a dream, he said.

Another buyer namely Amir said that 30 to 40 percent artificial hike in the prices of sacrificial animals had been made by the sellers in comparison with the last year’s prices. Due to the skyrocketing prices and low buying power of the customers, the activity at the cattle market was witnessed quite limited.

Besides, the woes were also expressed by the sellers at the cattle market. They said the market lacked proper sanitation, toilets and drinkable water as the local administration was least bother to provide the facilities there despite its claims.

Aslam, an animal trader from Chak Noor Sar, looked dejected in the Bahawalnagar cattle market as none of the customer had offered him his desired price for his goats.

He said that he had purchased these animals exactly a year ago. He was of the view that the buyers don’t have realisation of the time, cost and labour required to look after animals. He said that he looked after the animals for 12 months and fed them with hygienic milk, fruit, vegetables, Halwa and many other eatables. Moreover, the sellers flayed the government for not providing them with facilities at the market.