LAHORE - The district administration has failed to eliminate illegal cattle markets and mini sale points of sacrificial animals in different parts of the city.

The temporary sale points along the roadsides are not only adding to the traffic problems but also causing public nuisance because of dung stink. The animal traders, belonging to different areas of the province have set up these illegal sale points in violation of laws under the nose of town administrations and without any fear.

These traders have set up sale points illegally on both sides of GT Road in Baghbanpura, Daroghawala, Sighpura and in different areas of Wahga Town and Aziz Bhatti Town.

A Sheikhupura animal trader, Bashir told The Nation that the town officials were being paid for these illegal sale spots. As the government has set up temporary cattle markets in the far flung areas of the city, the buyers are facing difficulties in approaching those sale points and that is why they have set up these sale points in the city, he said.

Another trader, Muhammad Ali said the government officials and contractors approved the sale points after forcibly charging heavy amounts as the fee for providing space in the market and for giving them permission for entry and sale.

Whereas an official of City District Government Lahore claimed the purchase and sale of sacrificial animals was exempted from all the taxes and transportation, entry and sale fee so that a maximum number of animal traders could be attracted to these sale points.

They have also been warned by the officials to not roam around with their animals in the city and carry on sales outside the approved sale points. Stern action would be taken against such mobile vendors as the government has banned such activity and all the illegal sale points under Section 144, the official added.

But he admitted that despite such warnings, they failed to control the animal traders who were setting up their private sale points on various busy roads and in populated areas of the city.

However, it was noted that a good number of animal traders were bringing their animals to these unapproved sale points, despite announcement of tax-free entry of animals in the government approved sale points.

In this regard, District Coordination Officer Muhammad Usman said the special teams of district administrations launched a crackdown against illegal sale points of sacrificial animals. He said the teams, initiating action in Shalimar Town, Wahga Town and Aziz Bhatti Town, not only arrested the livestock traders but also took dozens of animals in their custody. Besides that, the DCO also issued directions to the central squad of the district administration to resolve traffic problems by eliminating illegal sale points from different areas especially from Sagian Bridge Road.

However, despite the claim of the DCO, such illegal sale points are still functioning and causing huge problems for the masses.