Corruption fighting federal organizations such as Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), National Accountability Bureau (NAB) together with Rangers is taking a laudable initiative in cleaning up corruption throughout the country. Unfortunately, our bureaucracy in Pakistan is fraught with corruption and excessive red tap but through your esteemed daily I would like to draw attention to one organized form of corruption which is, more or less, in practice in all offices in the public sector.

It is pilferage of petrol, diesel and CNG, at some offices, in government vehicles. Fake and inflated fuel bills are submitted and often passed without any audit objection. Official vehicles are used for fishing, hunting, trekking and camping by the proverbial “good for nothing officers’ , their wives ( begmaats) sons, daughters, son in laws and other relatives but allegedly inflated and fake bills are paid from the national exchequer. These non-productive and fuel-sucking officers become hyperactive in their own trades and affairs but they damn care to improve the working of the organizations, frame Employees Service Rules and launch schemes for the welfare of the employees.

It is because of such fuel sucking officers many public sector organizations remain overstaffed or somewhere understaffed, highly non-productive and ineffective, but who cares in this country where a vast majority of people have a mindset which wants to rob Pakistan and invest abroad.


Islamabad, August 28.