The people of Dhanot, the fourth biggest city of district Lodhran, are faced with a number of persistent problems especially pertaining to sewerage system, health and education.

The citizens’ grievances are increasing with the passage of time as colonies are being constructed without planning and without approved maps. After rains, the streets throughout the city remain filled with filthy water for weeks despite repeated complaints. The worst hit areas include Suntowala, Muhalla Islampura, Mughalpura, Girls School Street, Baireewala, Choti Dhanot, 5 Marla Scheme.

In Choti Dhanot, Islampura, eastern and western Railway Crossing with ponds of filthy water have taken the shape of ancient remains due to which the city has become the breeding ground for mosquitoes. Hundreds of students of Allama Iqbal School pass through Muhalla Islampura every day and face the problem.

From Baireewala Chowk to Hafizabad, the sewerage pipes have not been installed and the population of these areas is deprived of sewerage facility. The disposal system is close to the residential area.

In Faizabad, roads are often found damaged due to accumulation of sewerage. Though the road reconstructed but the situation returned due to the same issue. Before construction of the roads, the government should upgrade the sewerage system otherwise the reconstruction of the roads will prove to be futile, the citizens said.

Likewise, the sewerage system constructed in Government Girls Secondary School has not been connected to Dhanot city’s main sewerage line due to which the problem always remains unresolved in the school.

The sewerage line established for the school is not cleaned and maintained.

Heaps of garbage are seen at the eastern and western gate of Girls Higher Secondary School. In addition, a slaughterhouse situated in front of the western gate of the school.

In the slaughterhouse, animals are slaughter and their waste is thrown in the way of the students.

On the other side, Dhanot Basic Heath Unit lacks medicines especially anti-dog bite vaccination. Besides, the authorities have failed to cover the manholes on the city roads and streets as the staff concerned commit negligence and does not perform their duties.