Islamabad - An exhibition featuring works by dynamic national and international printmakers from six countries will conclude here at Nomad Art Gallery (NAG) on September 24.

The exhibition, titled ‘10 A Collab’ which started on Sep 14, offered the artists a platform for a collaborative cross-cultural dialogue inspired by their personal experiences to reflect their personal perspectives through powerful narratives involving the use of a wide range of media. The artists including Elise Searson, Sidra Ali, Vibhuti Sharma, Sarah Hopkins, Travey Moberly, Lovesh Sharma, Sameera Khan, Rodrigo Rosas, David Jones and Iram Wani showcased thought-provoking imagery using a mix of new technology and traditional printmaking techniques.

Gallery director Nageen Hyat said this particular exhibition can be called a perfect coordination and blend of aesthetics with harmonised tango of nourishment for soul. “Sometimes even technology is used along with traditional printmaking techniques in order to result in layers of fine, skilfully juxtaposed images challenging old mindsets and archival thinking process,” she said.

The credit for the arranging this exhibition goes to Iram Wani, whose enthusiasm as a dedicated printmaker, with contribution from all participants, has created a bridge to bring together global thoughts and personal experiences in this collaborative initiative, Nageen added.

“What makes it special is that the reflection of personal experiences and memories of artists is visible. The work explores women and power, self-therapy and healing, essence of depth of soul with worldly experiences, consumerism, personal narratives, identity and pain of separation along with various social issues,” said Nageen.