Punjab Food Authority has been causing a storm in Pakistan’s food industry and recently making waves in the news media. Restaurant raids have been the hot topic of debate whether on food forums, talk shows or family dinners. It’s time to see what the public has to say by letting the tweets talk.


1.       Creating Awareness: We can’t argue with the ‘need to know’ factor. We should have paid more attention to hygiene and being cautious of eating from Dhaaba’s to A-list restaurants from the get go. Thanks PFA.

2.       Check up on halal/haram: Dead meat, donkey meat, pig meat? Where did everything go wrong?

3.       Quality control/ Attention to detail: From drainage to freezers to expiry dates to labels, everything is scrutinized.

4.       Not afraid to call the shots anywhere: PFA is giving five star hotels and international chains a run for their money.

5.       Quick to respond to peoples complaints:

6.       Active on social media and update regularly:

7.       Provision of photographic evidence: We’ve all seen that too many times already. Let’s not feel like throwing up again.

8.       More home cooking:


1.       Appreciation for the hygienic? PFA has updated a lot of information about what is wrong with the food industry but what about what’s right?

2.       Controversial pig meat: What were the results of the lab test again?

3.       Too late for action without warning: One of the arguments suggests that without a proper check on restaurants standards were to fall naturally. Perhaps the authority could have issued a notice to the food industry that inspections were to begin soon.

4.       The needs outside Punjab:

5.       Follow ups?