Imran Khan again has turned around and one really wonders what he is thinking or upto? After having antagonised the ECP for months claiming that this commission was unable to conduct free and fair elections, now he has met with the Chief Election Commissioner and after this meeting has expressed satisfaction over measures being taken by the ECP to conduct transparent polls in future adding that he has been assured that the mass irregularities which took place in the May 2013 general elections will not be repeated.

Meanwhile Khan also repeated his demand of ECP members’ resignations saying that the Judicial Commission’s report regarding rigging and the subsequent decisions of election tribunal over three of the four constituencies, whose results were challenged by PTI, shows the ECP members’ inability to conduct free and fair polls.

Logic hasn’t ever been Imran Khan’s strong point. Instead of the promised change for the country all Imran Khan can change is his stand; and that from one moment to the next.


Karachi, September 2.