Pakistan United Christian Movement (PUCM) Chairman A David has demanded immediate due increase in the seats reserved for the non-Muslims in the national and provincial assemblies of Pakistan.

He was talking to PML-Q chief Ch Shujaat Hussain while leading a delegation of Pakistan United Christian Movement, at the Q leader’s residence. David discussed the participation in the Greater Opposition Alliance.

On the occasion, former federal law minister Dr Khalid Ranjha was also present. The delegation included Chief Organiser Nelson Javed, Youth Organiser Rahul and Secretary Information Ilyas Sadiq Wattoo.

Welcoming the delegation, Shujaat said that his party would continue safeguarding the religious, social and economic rights of all minority communities in Pakistan. “We always supported the minorities. Our party, particularly during the government of Ch Parvez Elahi in the Punjab, had returned 45 nationalised educational institutions including FC College and gave proprietary rights to the residents of minorities kachi abadis, besides establishing Ministry for Minority Affairs in Punjab. He also claimed that the then government also distributed the state land to the landless minority farmers, gave scholarships, and increased development funds many times.

He further said besides giving the right of double vote to the minorities in the elections, Pakistan Muslim League fixed the quota for them in the government jobs.

On the occasion, A David said that seats for non-Muslims in the national and provincial assemblies should be increased and Federal Ministry for Minority Affairs be restored. He stressed that the current system of elections on reserved seats for non-Muslims was extremely unpopular and should be changed to give the non-Muslims a right to elect their representatives with their votes.