LAHORE - Thousands of people left the city yesterday to celebrate Eidul Azha in their hometowns. Eid exodus will complete today night.

The city, after the departure of thousands of people, presents deserted look on Eid days.

Huge rush could be seen at bus terminals, Lahore Railways Station, city’s entry and exit points while the transporters were charging high fare from the home goers by taking advantage of the situation.

Even as the companies like Daewoo, Faisal Movers, Bilal Travels, Niazi Bus Service, Rehbar Travel and other are charging the old fare, getting a ticket is not an easy task.

“Our booking has already been completed as every Eid we arrange some extra buses to meet the demand of passengers,” a manager of the Niazi Travel told The Nation.

Extra charging from commuters is a routine business of the transporters on Eid days while the authorities are unable to check the overcharging. Usually, a good numbers of people leave the city couple of days ahead of Eid to avoid the rush and heavy charging.

However, the people whose business is related to Eid and those live nearer destinations from the city leave the provincial capital a day before the Eid.

The Railways is also operating 10 special trains to facilitate the commuters and announced 10 percent discount on fare. It also announced 25 percent discount in fare at all passenger and express trains on two days of the Eid.

Around four to five million people leave the city twice in a year - on Eidul Fitr and Eidul Azha.