LAHORE - PTI veteran worker Waleed Iqbal yesterday sent a notice to the party chairman for replying to his complaints in two weeks concerning party’s deviation from its founding principles.

Waleed in his notice to Imran Khan said to reply why the party had backtracked from its founding principles of ‘Justice, Accountability and Transparency’.

The notice alleged Imran for failing to counter corruption within the party ranks. Party chairman has refused to act against the people involved in rigging the party polls and awarded tickets to his favourite violating the policy of merit.

The party which had promised the masses change in 2011, has failed to deliver in Khyber Pukhtunkhawa because it does not believes in change anymore.

He said many of party’s ideological workers were behind him challenging Imran Khan for deviating from real path of the PTI. He warned the party’s ideological cadres would be free to choose the options for putting the party on the road to its founding principles.