LAHORE - A writ petition yesterday was filed in the Lahore High Court against Election Commission of Pakistan over purchase of electronic voting machines from an Indian company.

 Munir Ahmad, a citizen, filed the petition through Judicial Activism Panel and submitted that ECP decided to hold next elections through biometric system and electronic machines.  For this purpose, he said that the commission called bidding of national and international companies while the local national companies could not fulfill the terms and conditions of the commission.

He alleged that voting process is very sensitive matter and if electronic machines were used in election process they might leak data to the country of their origin. He said Indian companies including Indra Kamra, Reliance and Morpho were in the bidding process. He said these were the Indian companies which might be asked for electronic machines. It would be very dangerous for country’s security if electronic machines were bought from Indian companies. Therefore, these machines should not be bought from any Indian company, he said. He prayed the court to stop ECP from purchasing electronic voting machines from Indian as these might provide them sensitive data about the country.