There are apprehensions made in the analysis of the international media that, among all the countries in the world, Pakistan has a high potential for a military coup. 

Presently, people of Pakistan are annoyed with the poor performance of the politicians. The sitting prime minister is allegedly involved in the mega corruption scandal as per the Panama Leaks Report. Similarly, the provincial governments have failed to procure relief for the public up to the required standard. For example, majority of the members of the Sindh assembly could not launch development projects in their jurisdictions to utilise the budget, and in result, the development funds of 2015-16 were lapsed. The sole reason behind this tragedy was their inefficiency. 

In fact, Pakistan is confronted with various issues, both externally and internally. The CPEC project is enough to accelerate the economic sector of the country, to eradicate unemployment and poverty. But the international powers and our neighbouring countries have shown ill-intentions against it. Actually, CPEC can change the fate of the country after its smooth implementation. Thus, it is essential that the civil-military leadership put their heads together so that the law and order situation can be maintained in the country to achieve the economic targets. The federation and the policy makers need to give ears to the reservations of the provinces regarding the CPEC project - who demand equal benefits. 

Moreover, despite the Army chief’s unambiguous refusal to take any extension, the vocal class, civil society, and some other sections of the society throughout the country have demanded an extension of his term. Through wall chalking, billboards, political programs on electronic media, opinion columns and social media, the people have shown their support for General Raheel. But, the cure for a damaged democracy is more democracy and Pakistan can no more sustain a military ruler. 

The people who see Pakistan as being entangled in a Pandora’s box, and are disillusioned with the civil leadership, prefer the present COAS to serve the nation even after his term expires. 

Thus, the civil government must ponder over this serious issue and give spontaneous extension to the COAS. General Raheel should also be given the option to serve as the President of Pakistan after his term expires. By doing this, there will be no threat of a military coup and the public would also feel relieved to see a much capable hero in the presidential house. 


Naudero, September 2.