LAHORE -  Pakistan Petroleum Dealers Association (PPDA) yesterday decided to launch a massive campaign for their rights after continuously ignored by the government.

PPDA Chairman Abdus Sami Khan while announcing the campaign said that in first phase of the campaign organizational bodies of the PPDA will be united in all 37 districts of the Punjab to play effective role in campaign. He said that PPDA showed its concerns time and again but to no avail.

“The margin at petrol was set as 4 percent per liter in 2001 but it has now reduced to 2.2 percent per liter which is unbearable” he said adding that while the other expenses have reached much higher than the prices compared with the past.

The PPDA leaders Chaudhary Nauman Majeed, Irfan Ilahi and Khawaja Atif said that in the current circumstances PPDA is facing many problems as it has become to meet their livelihood due to poor policies of the government. They added that they had been requesting the authorities to increase the margin on the sale of petroleum products but government remained stick with its non-serious attitude.  PPDA has set its strategy which will be announced in next week, they said.