islamabad - The Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) administration has sought removal of, what it viewed, an illegal under-construction church in the suburbs of the federal capital.

Chief Commissioner Islamabad office has asked the chairman Capital Development Authority (CDA) to remove the illegal church at Harno Thanda Pani situated within the limits of Nilore police station, Islamabad, to ‘avoid any untoward incident.’ 

A letter written by director administration ICT to CDA chairman said the church is being constructed illegally and needs removal. The step has been taken in the light of Islamabad police report on the church. The letter also contains the report prepared by IG Islamabad police regarding illegal construction of the church in which the same has been viewed as threat to law and order in future.

Meanwhile, Islamabad municipal administration has asked director enforcement CDA to remove illegal cattle market from Saidpur model village and demolish cancelled counter cabins located in different sectors of Islamabad. The municipal administration has already nominated a sub-inspector as focal person on behalf of DMA who will accompany/assist the enforcement staff for the subject operation/task which is likely to take place in the coming days.