DERA GHAZI KHAN-The barriers placed by police on the city roads and unplanned speed humps cause hardship to the citizens and rapid wear and tear of the vehicles.

Two main thoroughfares Katchehry Road at Police Line DG Khan, RPO Office DG Khan and Jail Road in front of Central Jail DG Khan have been blocked by concrete blocks on the desire of Punjab police in the name of specific threat alerts. They cause numerous problems for the commuters besides giving rise to the number of accidents.

In a petition filed by Sheikh Ziauddin Ashraf, Civil Judge Mr Fraz Arshad submitted a spot inspection report in Lahore High Court Multan Bench that “by placing blocks by the concerned police authority, schoolchildren, lawyers, litigants and other inhabitants of the locality are facing undue hurdle and specifically the rushy hours speaks a volume about these unnecessary hurdles which are creating an unjust obstacle for the persons travelling by this road, Moreover, the width of the one side of the road is 25 feet which is too narrow for plying of the traffic on the same side by side”.

The petitioner had submitted that DG Khan RPO, DPO and Superintendent Jail without any justification installed huge blocks and stopped the way in front of their offices and now only half road is being used, thus the traffic remains jam on this road and the public have to face very hardships to proceed on the road.

Talking to The Nation, Tanzeelur Rehman Advocate said that police as well as district administration through their illegal act are violating the fundamental rights of the citizens. Spot Inspection Report prepared by Civil Judge DG Khan has proved their claim.

Tanzeel said poorly designed speed bumps that stand too tall or with too-sharp an angle harming vehicles. In front of district court gate, a speed hump was being constructed by a contractor Hameed Leghari. When this scribe asked about measurement of the speed hump, the contractor replied that it was unofficial work and carried out on the order of a judicial officer. He admitted that speed hump was being repaired without any standard measurement. Even astonishingly at the spot that there was no measurement scales available with mason.