Social media has become an ample stratagem of advertisement, globally. Its excessive use has led different business groups to pick up interesting ways of airing their products through bloggers and fashion journalists. This again becomes a major reason why media persons are being sent note of thanks and invitations to a number of events almost every other day. Currently, a number of advanced products and trademarks have criss-crossed the threshold in the market and this upsurge has left the consumer baffled. The consumers, in return take a look at the blogger’s review of the products scrupulously and guide them better. No wonder, most of the people behind different blogs appreciate the brands for sending them attires to be worn on launches or even as token of thanks but recently we saw some of very appealing giveaways that I could not stop myself from escalating.

1) Pass a smile with Lays:

A campaign called ‘Pass a smile’ created a buzz everywhere, when a famous chips brand  came up with a unique idea of generating caricatures of famous media persons by sending them a note of thanks for the upkeep of Lays Pakistan. The yellow-coloured box had a few Lays packets with a framed caricature to keep it as a memento. I appreciate the effort by PR company 'JBandJAWS' for coming up with something so out-of-the-box.

2) Hang in there with Crimson and Saira Shakira:

Another token of appreciation that caught our eyes was by Saira Shakira and Crimson, sending customised hangers to the journalists’ community. Glossy and super fine in quality, wooden hangers had names crafted upon them were really a delight to eyes. A big round of applause for them for coming up with the idea of one of its kind keepsakes. Kudos to Amjad Bhatti and Eimaan Jawwad who rightfully took customisation to a next level.

3) Oochi Box by Oye Hoye:

Another brand of chips, ‘Oye Hoye’ takes lead by giving their brand a unique profile-raising in which Fawad Khan played a twofold role as ‘Oochi’ having coiled hair, wearing dark coloured tracksuit, behaving as a hero but with a series of classic failures. The brand publicized itself by sending gift boxes to different media persons having number of useful items like a t-shirt, usb, key ring, fridge-magnet and pack of different flavours of chips. *High Five* Rebrands!

4) Shimmery globe by Mehwish Faisal Clothing:

Anyone can be sure about the uniqueness of Mehwish Faisal, the designer known for its trailblazer and original designs. What she recently sent, as an invitation on her brand’s launch was quite imaginative. The invitation card was sent along with a glittery snow globe having shimmery name tags inside it. With such a talent in a designer, it’s promising that not only the inauguration but the brand itself is going to touch the sky within no time.