Recently Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif visited our campus (UET-KSK) while laying the foundation of Lahore Eastern Bypass Project; a six lane, 16.5 km long project which would have an estimated cost of Rs 28 billion.

While we personally believe that this is an exceptional plan, as in the words of Prime Minister, it is a step towards ‘implanting the agenda of progress and development in the country’, we would also wish to request Prime Minister to kindly direct a little of his attention towards the state in which our campus, a branch of one of the finest institutions for engineering, lies. While the progress work has been sufficiently quick, it is still not fast enough. The campus lacks some of the basic facilities like proper sports grounds, student cafes, a gym, auditorium, and even clean toilets. The route buses are dilapidated and in dire need of repairs. Until recently, even the grass was knee high in lawns, a habitat for reptiles and other poisonous insects. Furthermore, extracurricular activities such as dramatics are only rarely appreciated and are not given their valid space within a student’s routine.

We therefore request the honorable Chancellor, CM Punjab in general and our worthy PM in particular to look into the matter and provide us a healthy atmosphere to excel in our studies and extra-curricular activities.


KSK Campus, September 21.