After the formation of RSS in 1925, history witnessed its worst communal riots in indo-pak suncontinent, which was the time when Hindutva commenced to raise its vicious and venomous head that was adamant to exterminate minority Muslim community from the subcontinent.  

Again after the formation of congress government at the center, hindutva practically demonstrated to accentuate their will on Muslims by denying them to practice their religion peacefully, ban on cow slaughter and prayers , propagation of banday matram , Hindi as a national language and students in institutions were forced to bow before idols, along with forceful conversion of Muslims to Hinduism. That era was known as the rise of Hindu Zionist era of India. India is an ad-hoc Hindu country, though her constitution claimed that the country is a secular state which is just a false claim on a document.  

When congress gained power, they saw that it is as an opportunity to avenge Muslims from their thousands year rule which was an outcome of their inferiority complex and could be gauged from the fact that after 1971 debacle, Indira Gandhi stated, ‘We have avenged Muslims thousand year rule’. The Hindu Zionist dreamed of creating ‘Hindu rashtra’, greater India, which would stretch from Myanmar to Kabul. They have a predisposition towards expansionist and hegemonic agenda. 

India is the third largest arms importer in the world with 53.5 billion $ defense budget compared to Pakistan who has merely 7.6 billion $. India is going to acquire C-130j super herculean Boeing c-17 globe master and Boeing p8 to enhance her surveillance and anti-submarine warfare capability. These latest developments unequivocally exhibit that India is gearing for a two front war simultaneously against Pakistan and China. The rabid Hindu mentality unknown of the implications is hell bent to shove the entire region towards apocalypse; recent change in India’s nuclear posture from “no first use” to “preemptive and proactive” is vehemently emanating connotations that India wants adventurism. To be certain, any such stunt will instigate massive and excruciatingly retaliatory response from both Pakistan and China. 

Indian navy has established listening stations in Mozambique strait, Seychelles, Maldives and Mauritius and deep offshore naval base in Andaman and Microbar Island and port Blair with some 15000 personnel and su32MKi fighter jets with a sole aim to advance their expansionist agenda to bring about predominance in the Indian Ocean as well as South Asian mainland. 

There are at least ten active separatist movements in India; the seven states with these movements are Tripura, who are seeking separation from Union of India are Jammu & Kashmir, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Mizoram, Meghalaya and Nagaland. The Indian Army has successfully crushed the secessionist movements in Punjab and Tripura. Any terrorism related incidents in India could implicate Pakistan and would result in the whole region being pushed to the brink of war as we have seen in kargil war on 13 December 2001 parliament attacks and 26/11 Mumbai incident. 

The nuclear deterrence of Pakistan is a wedge against the Hindu Zionist dream of “Greater India” and Pakistan will retain her second strike capability by amassing maximum strategic nuclear arsenals. Pakistan has also changed her nuclear posture from credible minimum deterrence to full spectrum nuclear deterrence keeping in view Indian aggressive military procurement and will resort to tactical nuclear strikes against the advancing Indian independent battle groups (IBG’s). 

With Modi at the helm of affairs, who is a Hindu Zionist and an extremist inspired by Rss ideology globally known as the butcher of Gujrat, the nuclear holocaust is haunting the region and is imminent. Those who are still living in self-denial to this nuclear age and disregarding the fact that war could happen are living fools, whether they are in military or in civil establishment. We as a Nation are supposed to be ready 24/7 and be prepared for the worst. 


Karachi, September 3.