Karachi - Pak Sarzameen Party (PSP) Chairman Mustafa Kamal on Saturday announced that 1968 activists of 11 political parties had joined the party.

He further said that voice that the party had raised on March 3, 2016 for the rights of people was now yielding results and that PSP was growing more and more with each passing day.

According to Kamal, the parties whose activists have joined PSP include MQM-Pakistan, MQM-Haqiqi, Pakistan People’s Party, PTI, PML-Nawaz, APML, Jamaat-i-Islami, Sunni Tehreek, ANP, PML-Q, Pashtunkhwa Milli Awami Party and JSQM.

Addressing a press conference along with the newcomers and PSP leaders, Anees Qaimkhani, Raza Haroon and others, Kamal said that Allah (The Almighty) was now beginning to reward the party for the truth it had spoken at the time when no one else dared to do so.

He said that although those, who had joined the PSP, were facing allegations by their past associates, but no one had any proof against them.

He said that he and his comrades had struggled to end politics of violence in the city, and his party workers had thrown not a single stone at anyone. “Instead we are the victims,” he added.

He said that those who were joining the party were filled with a passion to serve their nation.

He further said that Pak Army and Rangers were conducting operations in the city for the past three decades, but their efforts only proved fruitful when PSP came into being and raised voice against the politics of hatred.

He further said that their election symbol was dolphin, which, he added, was a torchbearer for misguided people and ships in the ocean and similarly they would also lead the nation to the path of peace and prosperity.