KARACHI - The Pakistan Olympic Association (POA) has, once again, announced to postpone the 33rd edition of national games.

The event was due to be held in 2014, yet it is still pending.

The games, postponed twice earlier, were scheduled to be held from October 7 but a delay in the release of funds has delayed Pakistan’s biggest sports event.

“Due to the late release of funds by the Government of Balochistan, the 33rd National Games are being postponed until the third week of November,” said the Secretary-General of Pakistan Olympic Association M Khalid Mahmood. “The Games are now expected to be held between November 18 and November 26,” he added. Khalid further said that a delegation of POA, led by its president Arif Hassan, will meet the Chief Minister of Baluchistan Sanaullah Zehri on September 25 to finalize the arrangements for the national games.

However, sources believe that holding these games in November in Quetta will prove to be another challenge for the POA due to harsh weather conditions.

“Due to the cold weather during November it will be difficult for athletes to participate in the event...don’t be surprised if the games are delayed further,” the source said.