I will start my topic with statement that our nation is best at, that is, judging others. What are we up to? Who do we think we are? Those people who pass vulgar comments to satisfy their sense of insecurity. What do they think about Islam? If wearing revealing clothes is prohibited in Islam than I guess they are aware of the fact that abusing someone is also prohibited in Islam. I am here not to support something like revealing clothes, friendliness with males or smoking or drinking of celebrities. I am here to support the human who is affected by insane and harsh comments of other human. Many celebrities have become target of cyber bullying. I think I should say all the celebrities. Invasion of privacy is a price which all the celebrities are paying. I really wonder why people follow them so desperately on social media if they think they all are 'jahanami' or they are do not deserve to be called Muslims because they dress differently than you? It is very easy to pass comment on someone else life but it’s very hard to understand that celebrities are humans like us. They have families, emotions, and self-respect like any other human being. Everyone thinks they own each person who comes on media.

You do not own them!

This generation of keyboard warriors has the tendency to reduce everything to 'gunnah' and 'sawab'. If you think that girl in a revealing outfit is committing sin then do not consider yourself sin free. You are also a sinner because you are watching her. How can you then pass derogatory remarks against her. When will you people realise that sin of the eyes can also become the reason for you to burn in hell or sin of the tongue can also become reason for you to burn in hell? If you think something is against Islam try to avoid that person or do not let your life get influenced by them. If you think something is bad stop following it. I never saw any authentic Islamic scholar back biting or abusing any of the celebrities. They are doing their best to bring peace in our society.

Our nation is ready to natter and to make Mahira Khan’s cigarette go viral. They are ready to talk about poetry Mawra shared and make scandal out of it. They are so active to make Urwa’s wedding and her dressing a national issue but they have no time to raise their voice against corruption. They are no more Pakistani or Muslim when it comes to child abuse or women harassment cases. Where those muftis of social media are when it comes to rape cases. I think our country needs more attention towards serious issues rather than to make news out of celebrities’ personal lives.

In a nutshell, I want to say that stop judging everyone around you. And stop making fuss out of nothing. If you bring Islam in something make sure you know all about it. Do no judge others because you sin differently than them. They dress against Islamic rules you abuse which is also against rules of Islam. So stop tagging Muslims as jahanami. Everyone among us should read and study Quran and get aware of who we are and what our duties are. If you think you are perfect Muslim then you should work sincerely for your nation and country. Focus on things which need to be amended and improved.

Think positive, do positive and live happily!