It is fact that kidney disease is one of the common and dangerous diseases in over all the world. It is conserved one of the most chronic diseases and it is badly effecting the lives of the people. Expert highlighted that the sharp increase in number of kidney diseases is alarming as an estimate of 850 million people are effected with kidney diseases world wide resulting in 2.4 million deaths annually which is ranked as the sixth fastest growing cause of death in world wide.

Unfortunately, in Pakistan 20 million people are suffering from such diseases which are increasing number of patients suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure. It is increasing day by day due to using self medication or excessive use of medicine, low water intake, obesity, diabetes, hypertension and renal stones are few and common causes of kidney diseases. Also fake medicines and toxic drugs are damaging the lives of Pakistani. Most of the kidney is already damaged by the time the symptoms of kidney diseases appear while Pakistan is the eight largest country with high prevalence of kidney diseases causing 20 thousand deaths annually. The treatment of kidney failure is either hemodialysis or kidney transplant. The experts informed that the main symptoms and features of kidney diseases include swolle face And feet, tiredness, lack of appetite, lack of concentration, blood in urine, frothy urine, vomiting and difficulty in breathing.

The leading cause of chronic kidney diseases are primarily diabetes, kidney gromerular diseases and high blood pressure. In Pakistan there is treatment of kidney disease but due to lack of facilities of treatment people are suffering a lot from kidney disease. It is responsibility of Pakistan government to look into the matter.