LAHORE-Mental health problems including depression and anxiety affect one in four people in Pakistan, with many people keeping quiet about the challenges they are facing. However, a number of celebrities have opened up about the mental health challenges they have faced in order to lose the stigma surrounding these conditions.

Actor Mawra Hocane has disclosed that she is suffering from anxiety and is looking for ways to deal with it. She also shed light on her struggles with the condition while responding to a fan on social media. The JPNA2 actor took to her Instagram and posted a video of her morning cardio, with the caption, “And then I ran so fast my phone fell off.”

One of her fans asked if she was suffering from social anxiety and the reaction of Mawra was indeed surprising. “Yes. I developed anxiety recently and I’ve been battling with it one day at a time. For everyone who is reading it and has suffered anxiety we are all in this together,” replied Mawra.

Earlier, The Hocane sisters, Mawra and Urwa appeared on Nida Yasir’s morning show to promote their new clothing line, U X M and somehow the conversation shifted to talking about mental well-being.

Talking in a morning show, the Hocane sisters said that whatever you feel regarding your depression and mental illness directly links with what you put in your body.

Soon after their video went viral on internet, the users started their analysis. Someone say that they’ve got depression or mental ‘disease’, but it’s all because of food! There’s no other reason.”