Islamabad - Pakistan Islamic Medical Association (PIMA) on Wednesday condemned rising price of 94 life-saving drugs by the government stating that the decision will add on to the miseries of the general public.

In a statement issued, President PIMA Prof Khubaib Shahid said the healthcare deserves subsidy by the government as it was an essential sector. Despite inflation, the drug prices should not have been raised because of its essential nature.

We appreciate that the pharmaceutical industry is facing issues, such problems should have been resolved through easing taxes and subsidising the manufacturing and imports of medicines rather than increasing the prices.  

Inflation should be addressed by raising taxes on luxuries and non-essential items rather than medicines.

PIMA demands that the government should ensure the free availability of the essential and other drugs as many of the drugs have been short in the market for quite some time.

“Government should also give health subsidy and meet the financial deficits by other means and improve the existing health problems on priority basis,” he said. Earlier, Drugs Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) on Tuesday recommended approving the prices of the medicines in hardship category.