International Space Station is forced to carry an emergency manoeuvre

ISLAMABAD - The International Space Station was forced to make an emergency manoeuvre to avoid hitting a piece of a 2018 Japanese rocket, NASA confirmed. Russian and US-based flight controllers on Earth worked together during a two-and-a-half minutes operation to adjust the station’s orbit to avoid the collision. Astronauts on the ISS - two Russians and an American - relocated to another area of the station to be near the Soyuz capsule in case evacuation was necessary. The astronauts were able to return to their normal activities after the procedure, and the piece of debris passed within about a mile of the station. The scrap was from a 2018 Japanese rocket that broke up into 77 different pieces last year, astronomer Jonathan McDowell said on Twitter. ‘Manoeuvre Burn complete. The astronauts are coming out of safe haven,’ NASA chief Jim Bridenstine said on Twitter after the event. Bridenstine joined calls for better management of space junk in the future.

Season two of ‘To be Honest’ is out now

ISLAMABAD - After the resounding success of the first season of the internet-based show ‘To be Honest’, the team announced streaming plans for the second season, it was revealed recently. Sharing details of the show such as filming, lineups and celebrity appearances, its director Azfar Ali said, “We have made more headway this season with greater number of episodes in the pipeline, and have included an impressive lineup of celebrities from media entertainment and internet segments. Hopefully, this will add even greater value for audiences.” It may be noted that the first season of ‘To be Honest’ had gained much hype and popularity with bits and teasers of discussions from the show widely circulated across social platforms. The show is hosted by noted standup comedian Tabish Hashmi, whose style and manner has gone a long way in generating interest in the show.