Since the last thousand years, the winter sports of the Afghanis was raping and pillaging India. A warrior race with no interest other than in fighting killing and looting, very much like the Vikings of Europe. They swept into India, taking whatever they felt like. In the Spring they went back to their country because of the Indian heat. Taking with them whatever they could carry including women, as spoils of war. In this century however the world developed superior weapons, and the British Army a fine fighting force established their defences in the North of Pakistan, so the marauding raids stopped. The British could not conquer Afghanistan, but it was a respected truce between the two. After 1947 the situation changed as a strong army was established in Pakistan mainly to defend itself in case of an Indian attack, as the Indians had never really reconciled to the break-up of India. And so the equilibrium was established and continued, barring a few skirmishes which never lasted more than a few days not even a week. So strong had both sides become, that the conquest of either side would have been disastrous and mutual destruction was assured. In 1980 when the Soviets attacked Afghanistan, the Americans saw their opportunity and helped suck the Soviets deeper, with heavy weapons and their entire bag of tricks. The Afghans fought the mighty Russian Army to a standstill till the use of the helicopter gunships turned the tide against them. However the stinger missiles neutralised the gunships and by 1988 the Russians packed up and left Afghanistan, defeated for the first time in history. All of this could not have been achieved without the masterstroke of pitching Islam into the battle of the Infidel (Russian) versus the Holy warrior (mujahideen). In War strategies, the Russian-Afghan war is considered the greatest defeat or the greatest victory in 'history'. To beat the 'mighty' bear in his own backyard remains bigger than any myth. However, the situation today is very complicated. The Taliban have realised that there is no future in the war in Afghanistan, no spoils, no lands, and at a punishing price. I stated in 2005 that the Taliban would look for a softer target, and sure enough they have turned their aim towards Pakistan. Realising that over the last two years the inept civilian governments, and the double-dealing by some of the agencies within Pakistan, thinking that their protgs, the Taliban who had been so carefully nurtured by their handlers would now wish to fly solo. In the takeover of Swat, so easily, with the Pakistan Army ordered to sideline (inexplicably) the whole of the north is now under threat. The Americans are rightly worried that Taliban could sweep throughout the subcontinent. However this myth is far greater than reality, for the Pakistan Army has not begun to fight, and it must soon be called upon to do so. The talk of won't fire on their fellow Muslims is rubbish. The handlers have not yet ordered the engagement, with the enemy. The Pakistan Army is too professional a war machine, and this order is yet to come. The reason for the delay are not understood, needless to say the handlers may have over delayed the moves. It is pointless going into the details, but the ease with which the Taliban moved into Swat is disconcerting, but it has lulled the Maulana Sufi to declare a euphoric 'Tomorrow the world'. Sadly for the Maulana that tomorrow will never come. The Europeans, and the Americans and the Pakistanis fully realise that the Taliban must now be disbanded. The Islamic cloak has been exposed by their own volition, and the Pakistani soldier is now fighting for his country. This country was created after a bitter fight with the Indians and will not be handed over easily to any Taliban under the flag of Islam. Put simply No country, No Islam. The world has now realised the horrific barbarism that has been unleashed on the world - in the name of Islam, and the genie that was created by the CIA was taken over by other handlers and now threatens the world. Pakistan is ready for the fight. This time it is for Islam - our Islam. The writer is a political analyst